Friday, April 24, 2015

End of the Week Updates

Two days until the trail marathon. Gulp. I have been watching the weather like a crazy obsessed maniac, and it has changed over and over and over. Currently it's look perfect (again), so we'll see what happens! 

It has been an interesting week of training. I am staying on top of all of my workouts but haven't been walking quite as much as I usually do, which isn't worrying. When I saw my chiropractor I complained of just being worn out and frustrated about my hamstring soreness. She asked me about my cut-back weeks in training and I realized at that moment then only thing I ever cut back on was my long runs, assuming that was enough. I see now it probably wasn't and should have been scaling other things back, as well, so I will file that away in my brain for my next training cycle. We also talked about things I did differently in my 30k training and I mentioned that back then I did two yoga sessions a week. Now I am down to maybe one since I had to cut my yoga sessions at my favorite studio out of the budget. Boo hoo for me. But hmmm . . . . coincidence? I am going to start doing yoga again twice a week on my own or at my gym and cut out one strength session and see if there is any change. I also need to focus less on trying to foam roll my hamstring and focus more on stretching my hip flexor, which is very tight on that side. 

Barre and one strength session should suffice right now, however. Barre is so hard. I was still sore on Thursday from my Tuesday barre class! 

After this marathon I am in a three week taper and will focus on stretching/yoga and just really tapering. Hay will be in the barn and I want to make sure my hamstring will carry me through the 50k.

On another note, I have been thinking about what I will carry with me for fuel on the 50k. While picking some things up at Super Supplements the other day I found these cookies:

This particular cookie is about 400 calories and is pretty good sized, so I cut it in to 4 wedges for 100 calorie snacks. SO YUM. The only issue is poppy seeds in the teeth afterwards, which is annoying. 

I have also been thinking quite a bit about what I will focus on after the 50k. Summer isn't good for a heavy training schedule, plus I NEED to scale things back for a bit, so I think I will focus on less running and also more on strength and nutrition. I have been reading a great book called Racing Weight and while I am a bit too overwhelmed with training right now to seriously put the ideas in to practice, this summer might be a great time to give it more effort. Get me ready for a fall training program, perhaps? Will be writing more about Racing Weight in a future post. Just love the ideas (my favorite: endurance athletes need carbs!)

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