Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Running on Vancouver Island

This past weekend my family and I were fortunate to go stay with our good friends on Vancouver Island. One word to describe the weekend: incredible. Not only are our friends the kindest, most hospitable people on the face of the earth, they also fed us the most delicious homemade food and Tara brought me on a run that, while difficult at times, was so much fun. 

Pre-run photo courtesy of Tara's husband.

Our route took us down country roads, over tucked away trails, past farms, along the waterfront, down the streets of Sidney, skirting the edge of the airport, and winding up streets filled with a collection of gorgeous homes. I don't think I've ever covered so many different types of terrain in one run. 

We covered close to 17 miles, and what felt like many hills. Interestingly, my Garmin, Tara's Garmin and map my run all failed to acknowledge most of the elevation! I always assumed Garmin was actually tracking you as you ran, sending info back and forth from satellites to your watch. Apparently this is not true! So, we have no idea of the true elevation gain on the run. Ah, well!

Route on Vancouver Island

During the run I kept thinking "I should pull my phone out to take some pictures!" but I never did. I especially wish I would have documented the view from the top of one of the trails, and of the little toys that were hidden along another one of the trails, and the sheep farm, and the Sidney waterfront (where you could see layers and layers of islands out in the water), and the quaint church and cemetery . . . there were a million things. I am so lazy, however. It would have required me to take my pack off and rummage around to get my phone out, and putting one foot in front of the other was the most I was able to pull off. 

The weather ended up being almost perfect. We were afraid of wind and rain and just got the wind on some sections, which was a bit brutal. But at least the rain held off.

As we ran Tara would point out things like "this is where I do my hill repeats", where I could only think "I can barely make it up this hill once!", so she is a certified badass in my book. 

Usually I spend the rest of my long run days napping and lounging. Not going to happen here! Both of our families headed out for a walk, which was uphill one way. My legs seemed to appreciate the movement, however, because I felt fine by the evening. 

I absolutely cannot wait to run with Tara on the island again! 

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