Monday, April 13, 2015

Slacking Off

It's been a week of cutting workouts just a wee bit short. Nothing insane, but still, I felt the enthusiasm waning a bit. 

Strength on Monday was a few push-ups and whatnot (focus on the whatnot) at home. Over and done in about 8 minutes. Typically I am at the gym for this workout. I did the scheduled 6 mile run, however. 

Barre on Tuesday seriously kicked my butt. The class is really interesting-- it is very different each week I go. Sometimes yoga focused, sometimes pilates focused, but this week was ballet focused and it was so. freaking. hard. It's kind of tricky to cut a class short, otherwise I might have considered it!

On Wednesday I was supposed to run 9 miles. I did 8.5

My strength and swimming workout on Thursday cut out the deadlifts and 5 minutes of swim time. I had places to be, so maybe that's an excuse, but really, I should have started earlier. 

Friday I skipped yoga all together. I did a lot of stretching at home, but it's not the same for me as an official yoga class.

Met my spirit animal in the middle of the trail on Saturday's run. 

Saturday's run was a doozy. 16 miles on the schedule, which I did in the afternoon at Cougar. I didn't plan a route before hand, but it was kind of sort of the backwards version of the really rough 17 (supposed to be 18) miler I did several weeks ago. In hindsight, I am not sure why, but I thought it would be easier going the other direction. Um, it isn't. It ended up being about 90 less feet in elevation gain, in two fewer miles. It hurt. A lot. Not in a shooting pain, limping sort of way, but in a way that my whole lower half was sore for the second part of the run. I usually walk up hills, but on this run I kept full on stopping to catch my breath, which isn't so usual. In keeping with the theme of the week, I also cut the run short at 15 miles. 

The totals for this past week were 38.2 miles run/walked with 5,807 feet of elevation gain.

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