Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Spring Break

Typically our family doesn't do anything too big and exciting for spring break- no tropical trips, or really, no trips at all. We used to try and do fun little get-aways when the girls were much younger, like to Whidbey or Orcas Island, but haven't made it a priority in a few years.

Last year spring break really sucked. Our kitten passed away on that Monday and despite our best efforts to lift our spirits, the break was shadowed in grief. 

But this year we stayed at home and had an absolute blast! Every day held a bit different adventure, nothing crazy, nothing spendy, but it was all a lot of fun. 

We spent one day organizing the girls' big bedroom/playroom. It was a total mess and while cleaning doesn't exactly sound like it would be the most enjoyable thing ever, cleaning a huge mess that you have been putting off for a while is quite gratifying. Of course we had to follow the big clean up with some Menchies (ice cream was a theme this week!).

Matt stayed home from work one day, which was helpful, because he was travelling for work for three other days. I took the opportunity to get in a barre class AND a run, which I ended at Marination, one of our favorite places to eat but rarely go to because Eloise only eats the fries. Since she was away at a playdate, Matt, Iris and I stuffed our faces outside on the patio! 

My goofs after lunch.

The next day we brought my 3 year old niece to the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma. Usually activities with my niece are tricky because all my girls do is fight over who gets to dote on her the most-- but this trip was (almost) perfect. And it gave me a vision in to what life would have been like had I had one more. Exhausting! The girls got to touch sting rays, sharks and a two-toed sloth. Fun, fun.

End of zoo trip treats. 
If you look to the right of Iris you can barely see Mt. Rainier!

Matt was kind enough to make a plan to have a friend come and hang with the girls (NOT babysitting, as Eloise would have you know) so I could get in my mid-week longish run. It was an absolute win-win because our friend is super cool and brought the girls on a fun trip to the International District and Alki while I was away.

My view of Lake Sammamish and Mt. Baker on my run.

And then . . . the girls and I had a gorgeous hike up the side of Tiger Mountain to Poo Poo Point (and yes, hilarious name, no end of jokes there!). I decided to invite along Iris's BFF on the hike in hopes that would distract Iris from, well, how much she hates hiking. My bright idea worked, there was no whining from anyone . . . until the blisters on Eloise's toes became too much to bear. Poor girl. But I now have very, very high hopes of bringing the girls out on more hikes over the summer! 

Checking out the spot where the paragliders take off on Poo Poo Point.

The best thing about this week is that we discovered we could have such a wonderful time here at home and not once feel bored. We had lots of down time (and Minecraft time), sure, but no one once uttered the words "I'm bored". I personally appreciated getting to sleep in late, and lounge in bed even later, every day. Who needs a tropical vacation?! 

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