Friday, May 15, 2015

It's Finally Here! Tomorrow's the Day!

All the training . . . and it's finally here. Over the past few weeks I kept thinking about the idea of how the time will pass, whether you sit your ass on the couch or get out there and do something with yourself, so you better make the most of that time. I feel like the training for my first 50k definitely squeezed the most out of the past 16 (and really, many more!) weeks. 

Putting in weeks and weeks of work means I get to toe the start line to run a distance that feels, more than anything, incredibly exciting. 

Can. Not. Wait.

Several people have asked if I am nervous, and you know what? I'm really not. Not about the distance, anyways. I am about the heat. I am excited.

This past week has been incredibly exhausting, however. It is way more stressful than it really should be getting everything ready to go out of town for four days to run a race. First there is all of the planning. Lots of lists have to be made! Then shopping, lots of shopping, because I can't get everything at one store, and forget and/or not realize I needed things and had go back to these stores again and again. And the dog got sick, so there was an extra vet visit, picking up dog medicine (that stuff is expensive!). There was running kids around to their activities. And volunteering. And a last chiro appointment. And workouts to fit in. And then the cleaning. Allllll of the cleaning. Having a house/pet sitter is fantastic, but that means I can't leave the house messy and everything from linens to floors to bathrooms need to be cleaned. Don't forget the packing! Packing to run the longest race you've ever run is tricky, you have to remember every. single. thing. Man, I hope I didn't forget anything.


Planning for trips is way too stressful. Hopefully the pay off is a fun trip! The girls get two days off of school, so automatically that is pretty awesome. 

All I know is, I am looking forward to running 50k through the mountains, because it will feel less stressful than the past few days have been. All I need to think about is putting one foot in front of the other. Easy breezy. 

See you on the other side! 

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