Monday, June 08, 2015

First Week of June (and a fun announcement!)

Overall it was a good week, I think.

My only negative is that, for some reason, sleep has been a challenge this week. I always fall asleep early, and quickly (I am starting to often be the first asleep in a house that includes an 8 and 10 year old!) BUT my middle of the night wakings have gotten a bit out of hand. Hopefully it works itself out. I don't think it is affecting me too terribly much, however, as I am not overly tired during the day. Maybe anxiety about the impending summer vacation?! Haha. 

This past week I got in about 23 miles of run/walk with a modest 2,152 feet of elevation gain. It felt like a perfect amount of work. I also got in two strength workouts and a few short yoga sessions at home. 

My daughters participated in a lap run at school recently and my younger daughter, Eloise, was especially annoyed when her teacher made the class stop running laps to come in and do their school work. She was determined to finish the number of laps she set as a goal, so we went to the school and ran/walked a bunch more laps on on Saturday the 30th and then did some laps on Monday the 1st at a local track. With all of her laps added up she got in over ten miles! I was so proud of her determination! Hopefully we keep up the good work so that she is running a bit more than walking and we will get that goal of doing a family 5k. Iris seems to be a bit more comfortable with longer run intervals.

Finished with all of their laps and wearing new kicks. 

This past Saturday I met the High Heels Running Group for a run at Cougar Mountain. It was a great run, lots of wonderful company, but it was so, so, so HOT already in the morning. It was a "sexy shirt" run and I wore a stretchy, sleeveless, glittery top. It was not the most comfortable running apparel! On Sunday I ran again for another back-to-back run weekend that totaled 11 miles. That was a very hot run, too. I am not ready for a warm summer!

The best part about the heat, however, is dragging out the inflatable pool. This is our second pool, as they aren't puncture-proof (unfortunately!). A bigger pool is a lot of work to inflate and fill, but the result is this:

Eloise chillin' in the pool.

Even I can float on an inner tube in that thing! I not-so-secretly want a bigger pool for the backyard. Need to work on making that happen!

And now on to the big, big, big news for the family: we have a new family member! I am an auntie again! 

Sweet, sweet baby. 

My mother-in-law now has four granddaughters. Lucky her! 

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