Friday, June 19, 2015

June Explosion

Oh, June. Next to December and it's Christmas festivities, June is a busy, busy month. It's all good, fun stuff, but when it's all packed together it makes for stress!

Softball games for my little girl, days off of school for big girl, field day at school, field trips, 5th grade celebration, visits with friends, volunteering, a Sounders game, then the last day of school, my big girl's birthday sleepover and father's day! WHEW! In there I think I slept, a little, and ran, a bit, and attempted to keep the house under some semblance of order. It's also been really warm, unseasonably warm, in Seattle, which I always find exhausting. 

My big girl is done with elementary school. It's been a roller coaster, but thankfully ended on a high note. I think 5th grade was her best year yet. Private school, home school, public school, she's done them all. Hopefully middle school is where she hits her stride and (fingers crossed) really begins to enjoy this institution she is forced to attend many hours a day. 

I also brought my big girl along to volunteer a this month's Cougar Mountain trail run series race. We had a lot of fun hanging out in the woods cheering on the runners and refilling their water bottles. The race photographer got a photo of the volunteers at the first aid station but I don't see the photos from June 13th up on the site yet.

However, as I was looking through the race photos from May's Cougar Mountain race, I discovered that the photographer captured a shot of my friend Belia running the race course after our volunteer shift. I love this photo!

Enjoying the Cougar Mountain trails.

My running has been all over the map this month. The highlight, so far, was meeting a new friend for an almost 7 mile out and back run/hike on the trail to Annette Lake. We met on the last day of my girls' school and it felt like the perfect way for me to wrap up my "freedom" the school year provides me as a stay-at-home mom. Interestingly, summer gives me less to do, but also less flexibility to just get out and run whenever I want to. I am working on embracing more strength and yoga workouts and being okay letting my higher mileage slip away for the summer.

Heather takin' pictures.

View at Annette Lake.

More view. 

Waterfall near the trailhead.

Being so new to trail running, I am just starting to understand how popular the trails are in this area. By the time we finished our run/hike the parking lot at the trailhead was almost full. At noon on a Tuesday. I assume it would be a zoo on a weekend! This trailhead is just off of Exit 47 off of I-90. You need a Northwest Forest Pass to park in the lot, as well. 

While I might not be running on as many trails as I would like to over the summer, I definitely hope to drag my girls out for some hikes. The one at Annette Lake was a bit long for them, but there are plenty more for us to discover in the I-90 corridor! 

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