Friday, July 03, 2015

50k #2 and Other Summer Happenings

On Tuesday morning I registered for my second 50k, the Deception Pass 50k put on by Rainshadow Running. I pretty darn excited about it, though not nearly as much as I was for my first 50k. Now it's more like, "this will be so fun!" and less like "OMG my first 50k!". There are a few fun races on my schedule during my training, such as the Cle Elum Ridge 25k, Point Defiance 30k, and Grand Ridge Marathon. Always nice to keep training interesting. 

My training plan will start at the end of the August and until then I'm sort of just hanging on for dear life trying to eek at least 20 walking/running miles out of each week. The weather in Seattle is not helping. 

Are you effing kidding me with this crap? It should just say "ridiculously terrible". I hate to complain, but come on. I moved to the Pacific Northwest for a reason, and it wasn't to boil to death. And this has been going on for far too many days already and is showing no sign of cooling off. 

On Tuesday night I asked my 11 year old to come on a run with me. We left pretty late, well, late for her and I, and it was kind of sort of pleasant outside around 8:45pm. I absolutely LOVED running with her (though we did a fair bit of walking, because the route she chose had over 300 feet of elevation gain and we only went 2 miles!). We kept about a 14 min/mi pace overall, which was great considering. My dream is that she will want to keep running with me, though I don't think she really enjoys the actual running. I think she more enjoys just getting out after a lazy day inside, chatting with her dear ol' mom, and getting exercise. 

During the run on Tuesday we passed a guy holding a slurpee. It made me desperately crave one, and had I been carrying money, would have darted directly to the nearest 7-11 and filled right up. My daughter and I made a plan to go back the next day, and we dragged along the rest of the family:

(not pictured: the dog)

Despite the store advertising a watermelon sour patch kids flavor, there was none in the machines.

Even though I guzzled that slurpee, and a few other little treats here and there throughout the week, I am trying to be a bit more conscious of my diet. A lower workout load means I can't get away with eating more calories all summer. Which is fine-- even eating all of those calories during 50k training wasn't serving me well. I am happy to be about 8 lbs away from my "racing weight", though I seriously doubt I will ever work hard enough to get there. Slurpees (and ice cream and popsicles and trail mix and and and and . . . ) are too darn good. Will take that over slower race times any day. 

Today, Friday, I am headed out on what appears will be an insanely amazing run with a group of badass trail running women. At least it better be, I have to leave the house at 6:00 am to get there. Haha. Can't wait to report back how it went! 

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  1. Looking good, Sybil! The Deception Pass race is on my dream list if I ever take up running again!


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