Friday, July 24, 2015


This past weekend I hit two fun milestones:

1. I surpassed 100,000 feet of elevation gain in my running/hiking/walking for 2015. This was my goal for the entire year, so I am pretty excited about already getting there.

2. I have been running for an entire year injury-free. Do I have aches and pains? YES. But nothing that has been serious enough to require me to stop running. Heading in to Ragnar last year I was sure I was messing with my third stress fracture and the relay would be the nail in the coffin. Fortunately, I came out of the weekend stronger than ever--it wasn't a stress fracture after all!-- and have been running on my own terms ever since. No forced breaks. No boots. No trips to the doctor. Just smart training, lots of PT exercises, and plenty of visits to my chiropractor to keep me moving. 

This October marks four years of running for me. Less than a year in I was already barreling down the road of near-constant injury. One thing after another, it seemed. While a year isn't long in the grand scheme of how long I want to be running (is 50 more years too much to ask?) it's a huge milestone for me. There are some big goals coming up later this year and the beginning of next year and I have to be healthy to get there!

I am also closing in on 800 miles for the year, when my goal was 1,000. Barring injury, that should be easy for me to hit, as well. 

Love it when goals become reality!

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