Monday, August 03, 2015

Another Brain Dump Post

I think I'm melting. Seriously, NOT a fan of this heat in Seattle. Apparently we've been breaking heat records and all that makes me want to do is move somewhere much, much colder. Yukon, maybe? Are there trails to run there? 

It's been an interesting last week and half-ish. 

First! I am annoyed that Blogger isn't consistently sending me an email notification of the comments that are left on the ol' blog so that I can approve them (damn spam!). Sorry Stephanie! I appreciate your comments!

A bit ago I brought my girls up to the Talapus Creek trail and we met my friend Heather and her awesome kids for a short hike. It ended up going pretty much perfectly. Would say the only bad part was when we made it to Talapus Lake it got cold and started to rain! Didn't really expect that. Iris started getting crabby, but then began chatting with the other kids about Minecraft and all was well in her world. 

Chillin, literally, at Talapus Lake.

Last weekend my friend Belia and I headed out for a run at Grand Ridge. It's been a looong time since I have been out there and was excited to get back on the trails. Unfortunately I wasn't feeling great the night before and wasn't 100% sure of how my body would like the long run. Also? It was raining. POURING. Crazy town, as we have had so little rain this summer. We loved it, though it didn't stop for our 3+ hour run. The plan was to do 10 miles, I kind of wanted Belia to agree to bail at 8, but she was like, nah, we got this, so we kept going. I completely mis-calculated the mileage (it was an out, then a loop, then out some more, then straight back, plus my Garmin turned off roughly a mile in to the run). Anyways, we ended up doing closer to 12.5 miles. I ended up enjoying it, though, and we had a great run. One of the many mountain bikers we encountered (who were all very kind!) told us we were "gnar gnar" for being out there, and another cheered us one by telling us we were keeping a "great pace!" (it was like 14 min/miles at that point) so that was fun.

An open section of the trail, that's Tiger Mtn shrouded in clouds.

This past week was kind of tricky. My girls were both in camps, but they required 3 hours of total driving daily to get them to/from where they needed to be. Oof. But one good thing is each time I drove south of Seattle I had an absolutely magnificent view of Mount Rainier, which made my heart feel super happy. I thought about the adventure on the Wonderland Trail, I thought about the upcoming traverse of the Mother Mountain Loop.  

Then my little one got sick, the gross kind of sick, and was home with me Thursday and Friday. It was hot as balls on Thursday and Friday. My workouts were pretty miserable, but oh well. Such is life. That week I got in one great run on the pavement around my 'hood. Managed to gain over 700 feet of elevation in 6 miles by planning a route around a couple of big climbs. I hate speed work, but I love, love, love hills! 

Climbing my second hill. My first one took me to the bridge above.

So what's up next? This weekend I head down to volunteer at the Bigfoot 200 (yes, 200. A 200 mile race. On foot.) aid station. It is going to be crazy amounts of fun, despite the fact I will be (gasp) camping overnight there. Look for a fun post about that next week. 

Volunteer-related, I really, really, REALLY wanted to offer to be a pacer at the Cascade Crest 100 at the end of the month, but sadly, I just don't think I'm in solid enough shape to be a really strong pacer for 20 miles. I would call the shape I'm in "able to get it done", but no one needs their pacer to be a possible liability, you know? 

And lastly, for this random post, I have been selling a few things here and there on ebay recently. It's not quite as lucrative as I hoped it would be, but it's given me a small amount of spending money. All I am doing is selling random stuff I don't need anymore, so no money invested in the first place! Anyways, I have decided to use my meager earnings to buy things I need, and so far that has been 100% running related. So far that has meant a new Sawyer Mini water filter and bunch of Injinji socks! Woo hoo! Now I am keeping my eyes peeled for a running headlamp and a bigger running pack. 

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