Thursday, September 17, 2015

Coasting on Fumes

The past few weeks have been a bit crazytown. Just when I was sliiiiiiiding in to the end of the summer, coasting on fumes, the Seattle public school teachers went on strike. The night before school started. Ugh. I had/have many mixed feelings on the issue, but it boiled down to personally just feeling like I wasn't sure I could keep everything going. And you know, I kind of didn't for the past week and a half. Stuff got shoved aside left and right. 

I started a new job, nannying for the most precious baby ever, it's kind of awesome. I worked 46 hours, with the baby and my two girls, the whole week before school was supposed to start. It seemed like an okay choice at the time, because, well, school was supposed to start! My break is when the girls are in school. Luckily my middle schooler did start school, because she isn't in the SPS system anymore. So it was me and my 4th grader muddling through. 

Here's a fun picture of one of my girls going back to school and the other sad (but putting on her happy face) because she wasn't:

And yes, this probably sounds more dramatic than it was, I am fully aware. 

But! School starts today! YAY! 

And hopefully that means back to the normal-ish swing of things around here.

I was killing my workouts at the end of summer, for the most part, until I just hit the wall. Every night I headed out, running or strength training, knowing that working out during my lowest energy time of day was going to be short-lived. But it didn't end up being as short as I needed and I just fell apart a bit. Last Sunday night called for some fun mom-shenanigans at a concert. A super late night coupled with some drinks and an early next morning meant un-planned rest days. 

Ah, well.
My new favorite motto. 

One highlight is meeting with a very cool running coach I have been hoping to get the chance to work with for a long, long time. We got to have a meeting and she wrote up a great plan for me to kick some ass at the Deception Pass 50k this December. The plan includes, gulp!, hill sprints and other shenanigans. It was such an inspiring meeting, though, I am more pumped about running, and life in general, because I just feed off the energy and excitement of training and planning for seemingly unreachable, crazy goals. The Sun Mountain 50 miler is set for May 2016 and then, eventually, my eyes are on my first 100 miler. But we're focusing on the 50k for now. Baby steps!

I did the hill sprints on Wednesday and they were pretty short and easy. A series of 10 second sprints with tons of rest between them. Hills are my BFF so it was actually really fun. 

The shirt I need for my next race. 

Up next: another run at Mt. Rainier. Hopefully I will find time to post next week! 

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  1. Sybil. School not starting on time? That would have killed me. :) So glad it started now and that you survived!! :) I love seeing your girls.


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