Friday, October 09, 2015

Running in to Fall

And just like that, my running anniversary has come around again. It's been four years since I fell in love! So much has changed since that first run, but even more has changed over the past year.

Last Sunday's four hour run (which ended up being just over 16 miles) was fantastic. I felt strong the entire time, just a bit tired at the end. Throughout the run I was reminded of the first time I ran 16 miles, which was a year ago that same weekend. I was training for the Point Defiance 30k. My friend Stacey practically had to drag me through, I was seriously struggling! 

Since that first 16 mile run I have run 16 or more miles at least a dozen times. Not all of them amazing runs, but none of them as tough as that first one. It felt so impossible the first time, but now is a manageable long run.

Tomorrow I am running the Point Defiance 30k again, this time as a training run for the Deception Pass 50k. The weather? 100% chance of rain! This actually doesn't bother me at all-- in fact, I love running in the rain!-- but it's a pretty long run, and I am wondering how tough a couple of spots on the trail will be (including the last steep downhill that requires a rope). So, a four-ish hour mudfest it is. 

Running lately has felt great. I am slacking on everything else (stretching, strength, etc) but running? Perfecto. Wednesday's 60 minute run, with some hill sprints in the middle, was so much fun. I found the perfect hill, steep enough to make me work, not so steep I can't sprint up it with decent form. 

Part of my run on Wednesday. Not the hill.

So far I am thrilled with my new training plan. Running by minutes instead of distance takes a lot of the pressure off. Of course, having been through a 50k training cycle already, I feel more at ease all around-- I know I can do it. It's just a matter of how well trained I will be!  

I still need to post about my family's August vacation on the Oregon Coast (yes, two months ago!) and last week's camping trip on Mount Rainier. Here's a preview of how that went:

Eloise and I being photobombed by a mountain.

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