Thursday, October 29, 2015

Volunteering and Pain in the Butt

Last weekend I volunteered for the last Cougar Mountain Race Series race of the, uh, series. It was my third time volunteering for this race series and I have enjoyed it every time!

This time I signed on to be a course sweeper. Since I had a 5-ish hour run on my schedule I figured I could take care of both volunteering and running at the same time. Little did I know it can be difficult to run very much when you are a course sweeper. There is so much to carry!

Good look for me, no?

I swept the first ten miles of the course and then ran three more miles on my own. It took me four and a half hours! Lugging all the course markings was tricky, but a few sections were also pretty steep, so it made for a slow moving day. Despite my snails' pace I still worked my booty off. I definitely appreciated my plan that has me training by time and not mileage. If I had to run by mileage that day I would have been out there much, much longer. So, it was good. I rewarded my effort with a sandwich, chips and cherry coke from Jimmy Johns. Yum. 

Sweeping the race was a good end to a tough training week.

A few things ate in to my usual training time: my youngest daughter broke her thumb at school, so she was home from school and we had to visit a few different doctors.. My husband had a birthday. There was a lot of delicious treats and fun celebrating involved there! So I just tried to appreciate the extra rest time and not freak out.

Fit in one run that went in to the dark of night. 
Definitely not hit by a car!

Something is going on in my right hip/booty area. My chiro thinks it is a tendon. The specific area is new pain (of course!) so that's odd. Maybe it was feeling left out? Since it doesn't actually hurt while running I have the tentative go-ahead to keep running, so I will!

It's two weeks to the marathon (that is a training run). Six weeks to the 50k! Would be lying if I didn't say I was excited about my self-imposed break over the winter holidays. Definitely laying low between the 50k and the new year. Then it's training time for the Sun Mountain 50 miler! I already have the same nervous feelings about that race as I did around this time last year when I thought about running the Sun Mountain 50k. Like, whoa

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