Thursday, November 05, 2015

Solid Runs and New Gear

Finally, finally!, I feel like I had a really solid week of training. One really solid week spells success for my upcoming 50k, right?! Let's hope so.

Last Sunday I had a five hour run on the training calendar. Yes, five hours. That seems kind of ridiculous, right? It turns out that when I allow myself to just sink in to the enjoyment of the time on the trails, five hours can be really wonderful. This past weekend we had some crazy weather move in to the area that seriously threatened to thwart my training. The original plan was to meet a few ladies for a run on Rattlesnake Mountain. Unfortunately rain and wind advisories scared off several of the runners (with very good reason! Mountains can be a dangerous place when trees are falling and ground is sliding out from under you!) But my faithful adventurers Belia and Lisa still wanted to get out there and check it out. Just to see. Forecast be damned! After some back and forth and a change of trails in case we needed to bail due to weather, we got in a glorious 3+ hour run. There ended up being no rain and very little wind. What's up with that, forecast?! I went around and around in my head about what to do about my scheduled five hour run and just decided to get the rest of the time in after getting back home from the trails. I dropped off Lisa then drove home, walked in the door, said hi to the family, changed my shoes, then headed outside for more miles. 

I fit in my full five hours. It was fantastic. Yes, I was tired when I was done, but mostly I just felt awesome. 

The next day was a one hour recovery run, and that, too, felt great. Usually my recovery runs are the hardest of the week-- stiff, heavy legs make for sluggish running.

Less than two weeks until the marathon, just over a month until the 50k!

Remember the fancy new running pack I was all excited about?  I returned it. Turns out that it really wasn't the right pack for me. There were a few major issues with it, the biggest being that the fit ended up being all wrong. Can't fix that! I wore it on one run and it was just bad news. Don't even get me started on the soft flask bottles feeling like external floppy breasts on my chest (and really don't get me started on what it felt like to drink from them!). Fortunately, the shop I bought it from was super obliging when I brought it back.

I couldn't leave the running store empty-handed, however, so I got a new pair of road shoes to replace my Sauconys that are wearing out. I went with a pair of Pearl Izumi Road N3s, which I have high hopes of loving as much as I love my Pearl Izumi Trail M2s. My first run in them, which involved hill sprints, went wonderfully! More cushion than I am used to in a road shoe, which felt nice and cozy.

Mama's got new kicks!

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  1. Hey Sybil - Did you end up getting a new pack? I have been looking at the Solomon one's, good to hear some feedback about them.


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