Monday, December 21, 2015

50k Recovery

50k recovery has been going swimmingly. I was limping pretty good on Sunday, but that was the worst of it. My knee was in rough shape! Likely it didn't help that I had to sit in the car for about three hours to get home after the race and then sit in the car again the next day to go to Great Wolf Lodge with my family. I spent all day Sunday just sitting or laying around and reading-- no water slides for me! By Monday I was feeling normal, save a bit of exhaustion from everything. I even climbed the stairs, pain-free, for a few water slides by Monday night. Woo hoo!

Heading in to the 50k I knew I would take at least a week off of all exercise afterwards-- this wasn't that hard as it was a pretty busy week with work and pre-Christmas activities and things going on for my girls. It didn't feel like much a break, unfortunately, but some rest is better than none! 

After a conversation with my chiropractor on Friday we decided the best thing for me was to take a break from running through the new year. By January 2nd I will have been off for three weeks and hopefully have had enough rest to start clearing up some nagging issues that stuck around up to the 50k. My right hip has been . . . interesting, but never bugged me while running. Then my left knee joined in on the fun, busting out some pain during the race. Want to make sure that doesn't turn in to full blown ITBS!

On Saturday I joined my running group at Cougar Mountain and had a nice little walk with three other girls while everyone else ran. Having never been on those trails without running them, it felt a little strange, but good. We walked for just over an hour then had coffee. So much easier than my usual multi-hour runs! 

There are currently three races that I am signed up, with two more to come as soon as their sign ups open. Eek! If that isn't just me taunting the injury gods, I'm not sure what is.

Here's what's coming up:

January 9th-- Bridle Trails Winter Trail Running Festival. I am on a team running a 50k, so it's 5 or 6 miles for me.

March 19th-- Chuckanut 50k

April 17th-- Yakima Skyline Rim 25k

May 21st-- Sun Mountain 50 mile

August 21st-- Squamish 50k

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  1. Ahhh, the Squamish 50k. That's the next one I want to conquer, if I can ever start running on a regular basis again.


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