Friday, January 29, 2016

Oh, Hey 2016

I kept meaning to write something about the start of the year, but it took a while for any words other than "ugh, this sucks" to want to come from my fingertips.

BUT! Happy to report that everything has turned around. 

So when the year began I was sick. Not deathly so, but sick enough that I couldn't do anything more than the bare minimum that needed to be done each day. Running and other workouts were out of the question. My plan after the Deception Pass 50k was to take three weeks off of running-- and I did! That worked out well! But right before those three weeks were up I was sacked by The Crud. For TWO WEEKS. I was sick for two weeks. 

On top of all of that, there was the question of what the heck was going on with my right hip. Before the 50k I was having bursitis-like symptoms, but only at rest. I had zero hip pain while running (even after 31 miles!) but my period of rest after the race proved to not alleviate my hip pain at all and I started to get more worried. 

It was time for an MRI.

I got the MRI (with arthrogram, which means they take a needle and inject dye in to your hip before doing the MRI). 

MRI results-- "moderate to severe bursitis".

A week later I got a cortisone injection.

Now it's a week and a half after that injection. 

I feel . . . . 50% better. Maybe 75%? 

Unfortunately I had to bag the Chuckanut 50k in March, but I have been building up my mileage a bit, and should end this week at over 30 miles. Woo hoo! Sort of making it up my training as I go as I am still not completely confident in my hip and how recovered I am from being sick. The 50 miler in May is no where near a given at this point.

There has been some awesome runs-- a wet run in almost complete solitude at Discovery Park:

Lighthouse in Discovery Park.

A very, very wet 10 mile run at Cougar Mountain last weekend! No pictures. But imagine jumping in the lake in your clothes, that's how wet I was. And side note: guess how waterproof my fancy new rain jacket is?! (Answer: not very! Grrr! Review coming!)

This week I got a beautiful mid-week run in at Cougar again. It was partly sunny with no rain, plus I only had to wear shorts and a t-shirt! 

Lake on the trail at Cougar. 
I stood here contemplating how to get across for far too long. 
Normally I would charge right through, but my shoes were dry and I was 
close enough to the end that I didn't want to soak them.

Strength workouts are all getting done, trying to do yoga or PT exercises 6 days/week. All is looking solid, so let's hope I can keep it up! 

That's my January . . . how has yours been???

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