Monday, February 22, 2016

Hey February

Obviously not doing so hot keeping up with the ol' blog. 

These days the answer to "how are things going?" is, "good, I think?" 

You know what isn't easy? Juggling family life, work and training. Likely this isn't a news flash to everyone who has attempted this trifecta before. On any given day it feels like I am not doing something as well as I really should be-- which is super frustrating, to work really hard every day and still never be 100% in every aspect. 

So, yes, it's all good, I think.  

As far as my 50 miler training, I think things are going okay. It's really a day-by-day, week-by-week thing right now. How does my body feel today? Good? Great! Then let's go! And by and large it does feel good, though often teetering on the edge of breaking apart. But let's be honest, that's kind of my M.O. 

The hip: Despite initial reports to the contrary, the cortisone shot didn't actually work. Or maybe it did very briefly? At any rate, about three weeks after the shot it was clear my hip was back to the same as always. I have started PT and my new PT seems like she knows her stuff so I am optimistic. She made some simple suggestions after our first meeting that seems to be helping, such as stop sitting with my legs crossed and sleep with my legs supported with a pillow so I stop putting my hip in to a stretch. Hopefully the PT helps and I can heal the bursitis once and for all. A second cortisone shot isn't out of the question, but I haven't thought too much about it. My hip is following the same pattern of feeling fine while I run or walk, and sore when I rest. Yay.

The training: I just decided the best thing was to make myself a flexible training plan. I don't let anything be set in stone, I have to listen to my body. If I need to cut back on mileage, I will. If a hill sprint workout isn't in the cards (about 50% of the time it isn't) then I let it go. It is what it is. I have become okay with the fact that come race day I just might not be ready for 50 miles, and that's life. I can tackle the distance again when I am. That said, I'm doing my best and letting my big goal and determination kick my butt in to gear even when I'm tired and my motivation is lacking.

I have done some boring runs (15 mile run on the pavement around my neighborhood. Oof.) and some amazing runs. The highlight so far was just this past weekend, which was four hours on Tiger Mountain with my friend Belia. I won't even say how few miles it ended up being, laughable really, but it was a ton of elevation. Power hiking straight up, then hitting snow, and trail finding a bit. There was a little running when we could, which was fun. The most humbling part was being left in the dust on a technical downhill by a hiker with a giant pack on his back. Ouch! 

We didn't expect snow at the top, what a treat! 

Approaching West Tiger 2, looking east.

The view of Mt. Rainier from West Tiger 1. 

Snow!!! Clearly I wasn't 100% prepared. Thankfully I was fine, 
my hands got a bit cold at one point and I lamented forgetting my gloves in the car. 

What's coming up? Deception Pass Marathon and Yakima Skyline 25k in April. Thinking about squeezing some more things in there, too. 

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