Friday, March 18, 2016

New Shoes and Updates

In the middle of my highest mileage week EVER I got some new shoes.

I bought the shoes at Seven Hills then promptly hit the trails at Discovery Park. It was a great run-- rain, wind, hail, mud, everything. Even saw a couple of rainbows! 

The shoes are the Pearl Izumi Trail N3. They felt good-- I previously ran in the Trail M2 (M has a bit more stability than N and the higher the number the more cushioning). The N3 didn't feel super soft or squishy, which I actually liked. It is fun to change things up a bit. 

48 miles the week before last. Whew! My peak mileage for my first 50k was low 40s, and I forget what it was for my second 50k. Maybe that high-- I was more focused on time on feet and less about mileage for that one. As I head in to a 50 miler I need to get the miles up a bit more. Won't lie, a 48 mile week was tough. It involved seven hours of running on the weekend, which was 30 total miles. I will eventually get up to a 40 mile weekend. Not going to lie, I'm exhausted just thinking about it. Add to all of that my strength training workouts, yoga, and PT/stretching. It's a lot of hours.

Pretty solid post-20 miler snack!

The next week I flaked out on my hardest workout-- the "two-for Tuesday" hill sprints and strength training. It is one of those days where it sort of feels like I might die during the workout. But skipping it and filling my week with several more walks than usual was perfect: I came back this week feeling stronger than ever. Tuesday's two-for was great. Thursday's midweek longish run (that's a term, right?) felt really easy.
Thursday views.

One other new training development is an attempt to increase the amount of protein in my diet. My hope is that eating more protein will help with muscle recovery as well as help keep my energy levels high enough to sustain the heavier than ever training loads I am asking of my body. Turns out changing my diet from "shovel everything with carbohydrates in my mouth as fast as possible" requires a huge amount of thought and planning, and even then, I'm falling quite short of my goals each day. As I type this I am sipping on what has to be the nastiest protein shake on the face of the earth.

My best attempt at protein intake so far.

And. . . . on the hip front, things are going extremely well. It feels about 95% better. The only time it is even remotely sore is if I lie or my right side. Even then it's not nearly as bad as it used to be. Daily PT exercises, icing after every run, massaging with arnica, foam rolling and stretching seems to be working! Huzzah! Knock on wood, everything else feels great. Legs haven't fallen off!

Two weeks until the Deception Pass marathon, which appears to be an identical course to the DP 50k I ran in December, except for it only does the 7 mile loop of death (I should trademark that) once. Looking forward to being back on those trails, only hoping that the weather isn't nearly as terrible this time.