Monday, April 11, 2016

Regretting That Run

You will often hear the saying that you only regret the runs you don't do. Or something along those lines.

Well, I finally did it. 

I did a run I regretted almost immediately.

Somewhere along the way when I was writing my training plan for my 50 miler I made some decisions that looked good on paper, but didn't turn out to be the best for me on the day of my scheduled run. Most of the time I am able to make the choice that is best for my body and either scale back on or change my run, but sadly, not always.

Saturday was one of those days.

I was nearing the end of three really big weeks of training, each bigger than the last. Build, build, build. Last weekend I ran the Deception Pass Marathon, this weekend I was to run 28 miles, or seven hours (whichever came first).

From almost the get-go my hip/butt issue (from the marathon) wasn't super happy. It wasn't super pissed, either, so okay, I thought, I'll just go with it until my body rebels completely. My legs felt heavy, I couldn't get my legs moving, and my hip/butt soreness was keeping me from feeling loose and strong.

My friend Belia, who ran the marathon with me last weekend, wasn't in to it, either. After the first seven mile loop our chatter centered around ending this foolishness early. I had all but decided to call it done at 21 miles, which was Belia's limit. Then my inner chatter started going to "quitter", and "if you can't do this, how can you do 50 miles?"

I had to circle back to the car with Belia so that I could refill my bladder-- first time I have ever ran out of water on a run!-- and my car was singing a siren song. So very much wanted to climb in. But no! Instead I had some cold cantaloupe and coconut water from my post-run lunch cooler, refilled my bladder, and said goodbye to Belia. Just try for 75 more minutes, I told myself. I started a loop. It hurt. A lot. I had it in my head I wanted to take a picture of the cluster of trilliums we passed earlier. No lie, that cluster of trilliums kept me alert and moving. I needed to find them again!

There was hobbling. Even a bit of limping. Some whimpering, and hands-on-knees slogging up hills that I have run up in the past. My hip/butt finally rebelled completely.

Though I did find the cluster of trilliums!

Trilliums on the Deceiver Trail on Cougar Mountain.

When I got back to the car and sat down, I didn't feel accomplished. I just felt stupid. I immediately realized I pushed myself way too hard. It was something around 26 miles, and 6 1/2 hours.

I ate my lunch, then drove home. My awesome husband had filled the backyard kiddie pool with ice and water so I could take an ice bath. It felt awful/amazing, like ice baths tend to do.

The rest of the evening, as I shuffled around the house pretending to be a useful member of the family, I was mentally kicking myself. There was no need for back-to-back weekends of marathons that left me in that condition. What if I sabotaged my training by being so foolish?

So far, the silver lining is that after a good night's sleep, I felt 100% on Sunday. No hip/butt pain, no other soreness, nothing. Even the blisters (story for another day) I developed on Saturday were all but gone!

Even though I felt okay I ditched the planned 10 miles, hung out with my family, walked with my my daughter, and napped. It was a good extra recovery for a stupid decision.

Looking forward to two weeks of significantly lower mileage, and Yakima Skyline 25k this weekend!

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  1. I'm so glad this story had a happy ending! (feeling better on Sunday) You are hard core, Sybil!! I hope you have a great week. :)


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