Friday, June 03, 2016

What Now?

With my goal race for the year in my rear view mirror, the natural question is . . . what now?

Well, the biggest thing is just happy being 100% available for family time. By Monday after the race I was back to work, by Tuesday I was elbows deep in a farm tour as I chaperoned Eloise’s class on a field trip. Then more work, a ton of errands I had been putting off—oh, but then a three day weekend! I got in a three mile shuffle (no way am I calling that a run!) on Saturday morning with the High Heelers. It was followed by coffee and chatting with friends, which took longer than the shuffle did. Ah, doing Saturday morning right! But then by Saturday evening my youngest got sick and I have been on nurse duty pretty much ever since. While taking care of a sick kid is never fun, I was glad to be able to do it without worry about missing any of my runs.
So, basically, for the two weeks post-race, life is happening, and anything more is not. And that is A-OK. 

I began writing out a plan for “training” for the Squamish 50k in August, and it mostly consists of question marks, hopes for yoga classes, and a few adventure runs. What more would I need, right?! There are at least two runs near/on Rainier planed already, which makes me EXTREMELY happy! 

Definitely won't lie, I am very much enjoying not looking at, or worrying about, a training plan. I think that's how I know I am still very much in recover mode. I don't even care that I am not training or running at all. 

The biggest thing for me right now, in terms of continuing to run, is figuring out what is up with my hip. Not surprisingly, it isn’t any better after running 50 miles (shocker!). My next appointment with my PT will hopefully contain a conversation about how to really fix it. I was kinda sorta staying on top of it during 50 miler training, but that level of stress isn't conducive to healing anything! 

Snacks for the drive home from the Sun Mountain weekend. 

Post-race I am trying something new that is somewhat related to my training, and it's more carefully considering what I am eating. It's always been quite nice that I can pretty much eat anything I want and not gain weight-- I am guessing it's a combination of being six feet tall, having a decent metabolism, and training at the volume I did. It was always something to even sort of laugh at, how many calories I could eat and "not be affected" by it. Which basically meant I didn't gain weight. That said, being able to eat a lot and not gain weight isn't necessarily a good thing for me. I definitely found myself, on a daily or near-daily basis, over-eating. Eating too much at meals or eating when I wasn't even hungry. Sadly, the amount of food my body is truly asking for is quite a bit less than what I really want to eat. I eat for many, many reasons, very often "actual hunger" isn't even on that list. "Because I can" seems to rank pretty high, however. Ugh. 

So, I am practicing this crazy notion of only eating when I am hungry and stopping when I am full

Ground-breaking, right? Ha!

It has been difficult and eye-opening. I like to eat, dammit! It is hard to want to walk to the kitchen and grab something just because I am bored, but instead figure out what else to do. And then remind myself every minute that I'm not actually hungry, I'm just bored. It is also hard to listen carefully when I eat and stop when I am full. My hunger level, and therefor my food intake, typically decreases as the day goes on. Having a small dinner, which is often the yummiest meal of the day, kind of stinks. 

That said, so far I've had one major pay-off, which is that I haven't once in the past two weeks been uncomfortably full. I used to feel that way pretty often, and it sucks. Reminding myself how awful I will feel if I overeat by grabbing a snack when I'm not hungry, or finishing a meal when I am no longer hungry, is somewhat motivating. 

If you have any good advice for how to stop yourself from eating when you aren't hungry, let me know! 

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