My girls and me in August 2012. 
I still look the same. My girls are bigger. 

Hi, I'm Sybil, welcome to my blog! I have been writing this blog for nine years now. I started it initially  to document my journey as a mama to my then one year old daughter, Iris. She is ten now. Shortly after I began blogging I became pregnant with Eloise. She is eight now. My blogging focus in the beginning was pregnancy, child birth, breastfeeding, and all things natural parenting as they related to me and my family. Those posts are still on here (look back in 2005-2007-ish), if you care to read them!

In the past few years my blog has morphed in to being more about myself and less about my children. This is for a couple of reasons: one, as my girls get older, protecting their privacy becomes even more important, and two, because I am finally emerging from the phase when my life revolved 100% around being a mom, and I am able to focus more on ME. For the past few years I have been been writing more and more about my running passion, though I will write also about whatever comes to mind, from food to travels to home ownership to parenting.

My blog was, and still is, mostly a personal journal. A place to dump my thoughts and collect my memories all in one spot. It isn't monetized and I will only include a sponsored post under special circumstances.

I live in Seattle, WA (though I grew up in WI) with my husband, Matt, and two daughters. And we have a poodle-mix named Heidi. You won't see many pictures of her on my blog since she is shaggy and black and doesn't photograph well. We also have two cats, Opal and Oscar. You might see them here from time to time. I have been a stay-at-home mom for over eight years. For one year I homeschooled my older daughter, but now both of my kids are in school full time. I am extremely lucky to be able to spend my days managing our household and using my free time to pursue my personal interests.

I am always looking to meet new friends through blogging, especially those who are also mothers that enjoy strapping a pair of running shoes on their feet and heading out to the trail.

You can reach me at mamamilkers@gmail.com.